Arts Ministry at Faithful Central Bible Church

As senior pastor and teacher at Faithful Central Bible Church (FCBC), Bishop Kenneth Ulmer encourages his congregation to praise God through the performing arts. In the spring of 2014, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer sponsored an Easter service that involved many of the church’s worship performance teams.

Like many churches, FCBC incorporates choral music into its services. However, this particular community nurtures–not one, but–four vocal performance groups as well as an instrumental music ensemble. The four choirs include Men of Praise, Voices of Faith, One Voice, and the Sacred Praise Chorale, each of which focuses on a particular worshipful sound. The church also has a repertory theater group and a dance company.

The church’s chorales present traditional African American sacred songs as well as gospel music from customary and contemporary repertoire. The music appears on a recorded compact disc and can be heard at local events across the Los Angeles area. In addition, large-scale services such as 2014’s Easter at the Forum service, allow FCBC choirs to join with the church’s Faithful Dance Company, Repertory Company, and Faithful Central Musicians to offer praise and worship through an integrated arts experience.


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