Habitat For Humanity’s Storm Recovery Efforts

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer is senior pastor and a teacher at Faithful Central Bible Church, located in Inglewood, California. Faithful Central Bible Church is devoted to ministry that faithfully works toward serving God’s kingdom. Bishop Kenneth Ulmer lives this mission in part by participating in a number of charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity is a faith-based organization dedicated to building or rebuilding housing for people and families in need. More than 2 billion people worldwide are either homeless or dwelling in substandard conditions, making the need for such an organization critical. The United States has more than 1,500 Habitat for Humanity affiliates.

The organization frequently aids in recovery from natural disasters. In 2011, Joplin, Missouri, was ravaged by a series of tornados, just months after a strong storm system caused destruction throughout the Southeast in cities such as Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Cleveland, Tennessee. More than 300 people lost their lives during the tornados, which also left thousands of families without homes. Habitat for Humanity rose to action, aiding affected regions in recuperation by beginning to clear debris immediately after the storms cleared and helping communities develop plans for recovery. The organization’s volunteers also rebuilt homes, providing safe, reliable housing for victims.


The American Red Cross Los Angeles Region Honors Local Partners

As senior pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, California, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer devotes himself to preaching God’s word and spreading his message of faith to the church’s congregants. Active in his Greater Los Angeles community, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer has affiliated Faithful Central Bible Church with the local branch of the American Red Cross, known as the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region.

On December 2, the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region held a reception to recognize its partnerships with 86 faith-based affiliates and other community groups. The branch’s relationships with these organizations, among them Faithful Central Bible Church, has enabled a broader range of community outreach for disaster preparedness and relief. In fact, in the 2014 fiscal year alone, the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region has provided disaster preparedness education to more than 1,000 individuals, raised nearly $170,000 in donations, and engaged close to 30,000 people through events in the community.

To acknowledge the efforts of its partners, the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region presented honorees with certificates of appreciation. Local Red Cross representatives also provided attendees of the reception a tour of the branch’s Emergency Operations Center.