Los Angeles Urban League Helps Students Prepare for College

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer serves as senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Los Angeles. A civic-minded leader, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer assists community organizations such as the Los Angeles Urban League.

The Los Angeles Urban League has championed the causes of African Americans and other minorities for some 90 years. Its efforts include assisting grade-school students prepare themselves for college. This is accomplished with the College-Going Road Map, which offers suggestions for elementary students planning for higher education and their parents.

For example, fifth graders should have an advanced or proficient score on the California Standards Test (CST). They should also have read 15 books about the experiences of African-Americans or Hispanics, and explored possible careers. Parents should establish relationships with at least four teachers.

Eighth graders should know California’s postsecondary education systems, visit four colleges, and get to know career choices and workplace situations. They should score well on CST subjects, such as science, history, and algebra, and their parents should link up with guidance counselors.

Twelfth graders, on the other hand, should have successfully completed the California High School Exit Examination, taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the American College Test, and chosen 10 colleges to apply to. They should also have fulfilled community service requirements and set up a savings account. High school students should create a five-year plan for achieving their career goals.


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