About Bishop Kenneth Ulmer


For more than 30 years, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer has served as the senior pastor-teacher of Faithful Central Bible Church. Since joining the congregation, he has grown its congregation from less than 300 members to several thousand. This Los Angeles religious organization sees itself as a channel for God’s love and inspires others to reach out to their community. One way in which Bishop Kenneth Ulmer helps others is by preparing parishioners for Divine Deployment, which teaches attendees about spreading the word of Christ while aiding those in need.

Throughout his career, Bishop Ulmer has received recognition from numerous organizations. The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship ordained him as a Bishop of Christian Education and included him on its Bishops Council. Along with sitting on the Board of Directors for the Gospel Music Workshop of America and on the Board of Trustees for Southern California School of Ministry, he was named to the Pastor’s Advisory Council of the mayor of Inglewood, California. Moreover, he supplements his responsibilities with Faithful Central Bible Church by serving as the presiding bishop for Macedonia International Bible Fellowship in Johannesburg, South Africa, and as the dean of a yearly summer session at The King’s College at Oxford University.



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